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  2. Hi JosepMVD, I have written an article to help you on this matter. Please check my article Running Multiple MariaDB Instances on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I wish you all the best. Shovon
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  4. Don't know about Oracle Linux. But on Ubuntu there is a program called udev. It is responsible for assigning device name to storage, network, and other hardwares. You can write udev rules to change how devices are named on Ubuntu.
  5. Could this issue be an operating system issue?
  6. Hi Wei, Using UUID instead of device name is the best solution to this type of problems. I also recommend using UUID instead of device name even when you're not having any problems. - Shovon
  7. Lenovo SR650 install oracle linux 8.2 When this host was first built, two raid groups were built with a hardware read card, one 900G and one 28T. 900G is the operating system disk, and 28T is the data disk. When installing the operating system, 900G is /dev/sda, and 28T is /dev/sdb. Recently, the user restarted the operating system before going online after the test, and found that it could not be turned on and stopped in maintenance mode. It is found that the data disk /dev/sdb becomes /dev/sda, which causes the record of /etc/fstab to be wrong and cannot be booted. After rebootin
  8. I'm planning to buy this camera for my raspberry pi 4. I Wanna record 4K Video recording for my project. I should go with Raspberry pi camera or below mentioned camera? https://www.e-consystems.com/raspberry-pi-4/high-quality-mipi-csi-camera.asp
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  10. Hi Josep, I will get back to you once I have checked it out myself and have some information to share. Thanks. Shovon
  11. Hi NeutronJK, Thanks for posting the solution as well. It will surely help other people having the same issue.
  12. I should have done more research before posting this question. I found the answer I was looking for. To change the account name in the Files app sidebar, you have to edit this file: ~/.config/goa-1.0/accounts.conf Specifically, you change the name displayed in the field labeled "PresentationIdentity".
  13. I am using Gnome 3.36.4 (Ubuntu 20.04) and have set up access to several Google Drive accounts through Gnome Online Accounts. These Google Drive accounts appear in the sidebar of the Files app in Gnome. The shortcuts in the sidebar display these accounts using my Gmail address for each Google Drive account (as shown in the image below). Is it possible to edit a configuration file to change how the Drive accounts are listed in the Files sidebar? For example, instead of "xxxx@gmail.com" is there a way to change it to "Google Drive - xxxx"? I thought there may be a config file somewhere th
  14. Hello, I tried to set several mariadb(mysql) instances using the "mysqld_multi" wrapper for mysqld that is included in the software package for this purpose. I followed some articles found in the Internet but it seems that something is not accurate enough or my system (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS ) has some peculiarity that prevents these setting to work. Next there are all the steps I tried in order to run multiple Mariadb instances: ----- OBJECTIVE: install one Mariadb server on a single machine with multiple instances. The purposes are: .- isolate server from data. .- as
  15. You're welcome. I see. You can do a test run on some virtual machines. If it works, then do the migration in your NIS servers. I wish you all the best. You're welcome again. Let me know if you need any help. Shovon
  16. Thank you Shovon, I will definitely look into ypxfr This will be my first time migrating an old NIS server to a new one. I am kind of nervous this migration. Thank you again for your help. Eric
  17. Hi Legio06, There is tool called ypxfr. ypxfr is used to transfer a NIS database from a remote server to a local server. I have never tried it. But, according to the description (in manpage), it seems like you have to run ypxfr on your new NIS server. The tool will automatically import all the information from your old NIS server. To learn more about ypxfr, check the manpage of ypxfr. I hope this helps. Shovon
  18. Greeting, The lab I work for needs to replace the old NIS hardware server with a new server. What files do i need to copy/move over to the new NIS server? The new NIS server and NIS client will have a different IP , but same hostnames and the same domain name as the old NIS server. The only difference is the old NIS runs Ubuntu 16.04 and the new NIS server will run Ubuntu 18.04. The NIS clients is a mix of Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04. Thank you in advance for your help.
  19. Hi Carlos, It seems like there is a problem with the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/wine-obs.list file. You can remove this file and APT should work as before. To remove the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/wine-obs.list, open a Terminal and run the following command: $ sudo rm -v /etc/apt/sources.list.d/wine-obs.list I hope this helps. Shovon
  20. That's strange. Once you click on START, you should find this option. Are you using the latest version of Rufus?
  21. I tried this but the option re DD Image mode never appeared.
  22. Don't create bootable USB drive on NTFS file systems. FAT32 is usually the best way to go. You have to select the USB drive to boot from manually. Usually theres a key (F8 or some other function keys dependening on your device) that you can press just after pressing the power button to bring up the boot selection menu. Try the DD Image mode to create a bootable USB drive from Rufus. Just after you click on START, you should see the following window. I hope this will work.
  23. I used Rufus and created both (at different times) a FAT32 and an NTFS file system on the same 16 GB USB. For both scenarios I used MBR partitions and with a 10GB persistent partition size, with the BIOS or UEFI target system option as you suggest. Running my Lenovo with Ubuntu 18 and BIOS set to go to the USB, it defaulted to the HDD Ubuntu 18 boot, making me wonder if a truly bootable USB was created.
  24. What program did you use to make the bootable USB thumb drive of LinuxMint? Maybe you have created a BIOS based bootable USB thumb drive. You need the UEFI one. You can use Rufus to make a UEFI supported bootable USB thumb drive.
  25. Maybe. Ask the previous owner about it. I don't think you can boot Linux on this device as long as Secure Boot is enabled.
  26. When I go to the alternative USB device screen it recognizes my USB (SanDisk) but then just shuts down when I ask it to boot from that device.
  27. It is indeed the American Megatrends Inc 2012 BIOS. However, in the Security tab or Boot screens I can't use the arrow keys to change the priority. I'm wondering if it's because there is an administrator password that I don't know.
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