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  1. Hi Shovon Thank you for the answer, That was very well explained. It was not the end of the world issue, tried with different desktop ( LXDE) and its fine but not GNOME so curios what could be the reason. I was thinking is there any firmware or anything need to be download for this desktop. But got your explanation. In a different note, i follow pretty much all your Debian base and Raspberry pi writing in Linuxhint. Awesome works you are doing.. Really appreciate your work .. Thank you Shah
  2. Hello,I am new on linux, Tried to install Debian 10 on Dell R 610 server with Raid 5 configuration. I will really appreciate any help on this sluggish desktop experience..-Installer package [firmware-10.4.0-amd64-netinst]- GNOME desktop installed-Intel Xeon 5600 Series Processors-Matrox Video Driver-#1 After the installation completed , when i typed any letters its too slow, even in typing the password some letters coming twice#2 the mouse is moving too slow..#3 Tried installed LXDE, everything is normal..How could i fix the GNOME issue ..Any driver or any thing need to be done..Please let me
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