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  1. @Shahriar Shovon, thank you again 🙂 All my questions have been answererd... topic can be closed, thanks again!
  2. @Shahriar Shovon, thank you, it worked! Now the music plays in the background and the zenity window appears. But... of course, another problem, is there a simple way to end playing music when the user closes zenity window which informes about played music?
  3. Thank you very much @Shahriar Shovon for your answer 🙂 Unfortunately I may be doing something wrong, when trying to combine evoking function with zenity window it just opens first window and I have to close it to execute the function. This is how I tried to do this: CONTINUE="y" function Menu { while [ "$CONTINUE" == "y" ] do menu=("Music directory ($DIR)" "Play random" "Next" "Before" "Search by title" "Radio" "Close") odp=`zenity --list --column=Menu "${menu[@]}" --height 350 --width 330` case "$odp" in "Music directory ($DIR)") input=1;; "Play random") input=2;;
  4. Hello 🙂 I have to create a simple music player using mplayer package and I wanted to connect it with zenity. I don't know which part of code is most essential, but the main problem that I'm having right now is that when I choose certain option (e.g. Play Random) then the zenity window disappears and I can only input "q" in terminal to make the zenity window with options visible again. My question is, how to leave dialog window "on top" when executing some option? And some code: function Menu { menu=("Music directory ($DIR)" "Play random" "Next" "Before" "Search by title
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