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  1. ... just to clarify, I wanted to customize the introductory boot screen pasted below, and that's only possible if I add some themes to the "refind" file. And I can't, because it's locked ;( Thank once again and have a nice day, Romano
  2. 1/ After installing Deepen 20 Beta, all folders are locked. Is there a command to unlock all folders at once? 2/ If I tried to unlock the "refind" folder, I couldn't do it with the "chmod 777 ./" command. Thanks for advice.
  3. romano

    Dual booting

    I also found advice on the Internet that it is necessary to change the priority in botting. The first step is to set up the disk on which Deepin is installed. I'll try and let you know, Romano
  4. I have Windows 10 installed on my PC, but I would also like to try Linux. I opted for the Deepin version. The installation went well, but after the restart I only get the option to choose Windows10. I deactivated also fast boot and secur boot in the UEFI Bios, but the option for Deepin OS does not appear. I started on the Internet and followed these instructions (Repair the boot of the Computer). Well, still nothing. Can anyone help me with a dual boot solution? THX
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