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  1. I will give this a try; thank you.
  2. Ok...so back to my original issue, which is (quoting): "...I would like to have LM ask me (for my password) just the one time when I login and at no other times...OR, failing that, simply know where that setting is located so that I can dis/enable it as I see fit." Anyone? Thanks.
  3. I see. VPN.ac provides their own software. I will note that VPN.ac does provide directions for using the Network Manager instead. But from what I could tell, this was a more onerous task, as I'm sure you know. Thanks.
  4. VPN.ac, but I'm confused as to what that has to do with it. Thanks.
  5. Good day all. I'm brand new to both Linux and Mint, having just installed on my HP EliteBook the latest version. I'm coming over from Windows 7 Professional. So far things are going well...but, I am mystified by a behavior that is akin to Windows' User Access Control (UAC), and which I presume is a security feature. I'd like to explain this, but just know in advance that I will probably not use the appropriate terms, so forgive that in advance. I am a long-time user of VPN services. Part of that involves the installation and use of a VPN client on my laptop. This client
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