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  1. Hi team, I am new to bash ,I need one script for Curl out put and compare my Company standard https security header values curl -I https://www.facebook.com root@test2:/tmp/script# curl -I https://www.facebook.com HTTP/1.1 200 OK Set-Cookie: fr=1kjPgVD66lS3kYjYA..Be9zBn.U3.AAA.0.0.Be9zBn.AWUH9tfj; expires=Fri, 25-Sep-2020 11:41:26 GMT; Max-Age=7775999; path=/; domain=.facebook.com; secure; httponly Set-Cookie: sb=ZzD3XqmqdoQjkrwaIdKtY_Tm; expires=Mon, 27-Jun-2022 11:41:27 GMT; Max-Age=63072000; path=/; domain=.facebook.com; secure; httponly Cache-Control: private, no-ca
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