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  1. Thanks Shovon, I agree the default CentOS 8 install works and does import .HTML, . CSS, or .INC files when the file name extension is PHP. It does NOT import them when the file name extension is HTML. The example above is from one of the working files from that server (I had most of it backed up) and was contained in an HTML file and correctly imported the contents of the menu for the document. So, if anyone out there knows what to do to make Apache correctly parse the PHP contained in an HTML file, I'd really appreciate the help. (I'd rather not have to redo all of my website fi
  2. I have HTML files created for my Apache server that have some PHP in them like this: <?php include "includes/topmenu.inc"; ?> This works just fine if the file is named with the .php extension but it does not work with extension .html. I had this working on another server that crashed a while back and now I'm stuck trying to remember what I did in the httpd.conf file to make this work. I tried adding this - LoadModule php7_module modules/libphp7.so but then the httpd would not start. I did a phpinfo and did not see a HTTP section. I'm running: CentOS Linux 8.1.
  3. Shovon, Thanks for the reply. I had shutdown the firewall: FirewallD is not running But did not think about SELinux. Setting it to Permissive appears to have resolved my issue. Since this is a totally private server for my sole development and testing I'll probably leave it that way. Thanks again, Your article about installation of PHP, SQL, and Apache was very helpful. Gene
  4. After installing CentOS 8 and using the instructions here on LinuxHint.com to install Sql, PHP, and Apache, I'm unable to make a connection from Firefox or Chrome to the SQL server. Here are my installed versions: CentOS Linux 8.1.1911 Apache 2.4.37 MariaDB 10.3.17 PHP 7.2.11 HeidiSQL (Windows Admin Client) I'm using a private network - with the server on 5.4 and using laptop for testing at 5.220. Here is a .php file I'm using to test the connection from Firefox: <?php $link = mysqli_connect("", "guardian", "green85", "bdstory");
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