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issue of Configuring PXE Network Boot Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS


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3 hours ago, andy feng said:


i followed the steps of above link post to live install ubuntu desktop but failed. error message see attached screenshot.  please help. thanks, 



Hi andy,
Make sure that the /netboot directory has read, write and execute permission for every user. That is the simple solution to this problem.

You can allow every user full access to this directory with the following command:

$ sudo chmod -Rfv 777 /netboot

I hope this helps.


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7 hours ago, andy feng said:

Thanks Shovon for the quick answer. looks like i performed this command. right now it is stuck at Ubuntu....at least half an hour. details see the screenshot. 


https://linuxhint.com/pxe_boot_ubuntu_server/  it is really a good post. do you have article about how to automate the Ubuntu-desktop-18/20 installation process using pxe?  


Did it work?


Sorry. I don't have an article on that topic. 

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