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How 2 stop session interruptings, asks 4 passwrd?


Hi, I'm newly on Linux mint 19.3 and may've missed steps in set up. So when i stop actively using, but say a YT vid is streaming long musical pieces, it'll suddenly stop, black out and ask for my password as if i gotta start all over again, but then after signing in it'll start the video back from where it left off, like otherwise seamlessly. Still I want to stop this, or maybe extend it to an hour or something. Much Thanks, just kidding about computers being confusers, the odd time.

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Hi banconfusers,

I don't think this problem is related to Linux Mint 19.3. I also had this problem on Windows 10. Back when I used an integrated GPU (AMD Vega 11), the whole screen would turn black while waching YouTube videos and then come back within a few seconds. Once I switched to a dedicated NVIDIA GPU, the problem is gone.

Maybe the GPU on your device is causing the problem. You can try another Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Fedora and see if the problem persists. If the same thing happens in every Linux distribution, then obviously it's a GPU problem. 

You can also try disabling hardware acceleration in your browser and see if that solves your problem.  

Wish you all the best.


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