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Unlock folders


1/ After installing Deepen 20 Beta, all folders are locked. Is there a command to unlock all folders at once?

2/ If I tried to unlock the "refind" folder, I couldn't do it with the "chmod 777 ./" command.

Thanks for advice.


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Hi romano,

Why do you need to unlock /boot/efi directory? It's not safe to make changes to the contents of this directory unless you have extensive knowledge on GRUB and EFI.


/boot/efi is mounted as read only in many Linux distributions by default. You have to re-mount it with write privileges if you want to make any changes there.

If you need any assistance on that, run the following command and let me know the output.

$ sudo df -h


Thank you


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... just to clarify, I wanted to customize the introductory boot screen pasted below, and that's only possible if I add some themes to the "refind" file. And I can't, because it's locked ;(

Thank once again and have a nice day,



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